What is a "proper Negro"?

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  1. Very odd, I can't find any references on the net to define a "proper Negro'.
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  3. Proper Negro=anybody black who not challenge anything any white person says, no matter how obtuse.

    IOW Proper Negros go along to get along. So denner is basically correct.
  4. A Proper Negro is a black person who can do all of the following.

    ...pronounce the word "ask"
    ...wear clothes that fit
    ...do not drive $700 beat up 25 year old cadillacs with $2,500 rims.
    ...have no gold teeth
    ...knows how to use words like "am" and "are" (i.e. "I am" or "we are" instead of "I be" or "we be"
    ...has never been to jail
    ...doesnt own a gun.
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    Actually, a proper Negro owns an AR-15 and takes it to an Obama event:


    Then he is declared to be a white racist by the libtards on MSNBC:

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    Who did that guy sell out to? He just wants a government that leaves him alone. Not a government that acts as his overlord, as the Democrats want.
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    You mean one that takes responsibility for him/herself and accepts the norms of a civil society? As opposed to one that expects whitie to provide subsistence throughout his/her life and lives the gutter life of creating/having fatherless children and has the low moral and personal values to propagate a continued existence as a victim?
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