What Is A Level 3 Trading Platform

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  1. I heard there is level 3. what exactly is it and what does it have that level 2 does'nt have?
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    But I would also like to know.
  3. The volume goes up to 11... that's right, 11.
  4. Isn't that a combination level 1 + level 2? Sorry couldn't resist...:)
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    When I was a Market Maker years ago, the terminal that we used to make markets was called a level 3 terminal....looked the same as level 2 but had some other functions that were used to put customer orders in.

    One guy might have anywhere from 2 to 100 stocks that he made a market in and would have to monitor and move his bid and offer in those stocks. You could move back and forth with tabs between stocks...so when you see UBSS moving on your level 2 box, it is the UBSS market maker putting his price in with level 3....
  6. i actually thought it showed where stop losses were placed.
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