What is a good Trojan scan

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    I am looking for a reliable online trojan scan.
    My PC is running slightly slow and spybot and spyware doctor tell me all is OK but I would like to hit the problem from a slightly different angle

  2. Could be it's not a trojan. If it's a WinXP system, it could be just getting "tired". i.e. disk too full, disk heavily fragmented, registry full of crap. This takes years to show itself.

    The easiest fix for tiredness is a clean re-install as long as you don't have too many apps to reinstall. Otherwise you could try defragmenting and running a registry cleaner.

    It was all I could do to not make a trojan joke. :cool:
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    Thanks sg,

    Yes it is XP and yes it is defraged, registry cleaned and yes I am trying to avoid a re-install, although there is not much on the PC as it is solely for trading.
    As I say, no Trojan is showing I am just open to ideas.

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    Just to follow on

    The other day the machine just suddenly shut down, no warning, just instant shut down.
    I have cleaned it out added an extra fan, replaced the original two fans and all is well except that it's personality has slightly changed.
  5. Is there a defrag on vista. I've never been able to find it.
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    XoftspySE has the online scanner. You also need to look though Program files to remove uninstalled programs and then run a ccleaner to clean out your registry.
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