what is a good platform for STIRs?

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    Hi all,

    hope you could put me in the right direction. I am looking to set up a low cost platform/account for Eurodollar spreads.

    A few years back I traded the Short Sterling contract on ICE and I was profitable. CQG mobile was the platform. CQG allowed me to define the various spreads I was interested in. Bundles could not be done if I remember correctly. I was interested in those but costs were the main hindrance. Before commission I was profitable, but once I subtracted £10+ round trip for 1 spread, most of the P&L was eaten up by commission.

    Now I want to get back into the game, but properly set up this time round: low-cost platform, low commission, auto-spreader/matrix, possibly allowing for bundles too. Charting/TA is not important. I can do that with a Reuters platform I have access to.

    Any pointers would be really appreciated.


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    Trading Technologies probably does everything you want. It's expensive ($1400/month) but is pretty much the gold standard. CQG Integrated Client has similar capabilities. As far as cost, you should probably buy or lease a CME membership. Exchange fees will be the largest component of commissions cost, and a membership can save you 50%-80% off the standard retail fee. Most brokers can help with the membership application.
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    For Eurodollars try a clearer in Chicago.
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    Here's detailed pricing info for the TT platform: https://www.tradingtechnologies.com/resources/pricing/
    If you'd like a free, 30-day trial, use this link:https://www.tradingtechnologies.com/try-tt-now/

    You are welcome to contact me with questions.

    All the best-