What is a good percentage annual return for a day trader

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Silvain Garnea, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I just want to make sure there are enough suckers to answer the identical threads posted by mr. market this morning.

    mr. market wants an answer. And if this thread gets relegated to chit chat, he will instantaneously have a new question, all with the same intent, to spam his website.

    Future questions include

    1) what is a good annual return for 3 years?

    2) what is a good annual return for 5 years?

    3) what is a good annual return for 10 years?

    And mr. market has many more. He will, as long as the suckers keep taking the bait.

    In France, we would have stoned mr. market long ago.
  2. "Correct. mrmarket selects the lowest quote and responds to that by comparing it against his outperformance of the low quote; when acrary responds with a higher quote than mrmarket's performance, mrmarket dismisses it; when Qdzresurrection mentions a higher quote than mrmarket's performance, mrmarket wishes to "rephrase" his question into a totally different question... spin+self-market+spin+self-market... yet his question of "how much" is a baiting question, because a Wharton MBA should already know the answer to that, don't you think?

    Using mr.market's previously posted logic where doubters' current silence equals proof of outstanding performance, then mr.market's constant thumping about his performance must equal proof of its mediocrity. That may be why he's always looking for validation of it.

    Evidently this guy must be awfully insecure about his performance to keep trying to validate it according to what a bunch of strangers have to say.

    Which makes you wonder why he can't or doesn't get all the validation he seems to continually seek, from home & family & friends & his web site, but seeks to get it in a bunch of forums all over the web for years and years from total strangers of which he knows of no credentials, other than most of them did not attend Wharton."

    Well said. But the suckers keep coming!
  3. gms


    Perhaps they enjoy seeing mr.market flex his mighty biceps and bounce the stones hurled at him by the crowd, like Superman bouncing bullets off his chest. Of course, after unflinchingly having a round of ammunition ricochet off him, in reality, he always had to duck out of the way when the bad guy threw the pistol at him, lest he got hurt.
  4. Silvain, I am sure there is a French word to decribe a person that is so boring to listen to it makes you yawn..please share :)
  5. Ennuyeux

  6. either boredeau or chimpisleep.
  7. annoyance?