what is a good fairly new trading book?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by blackguard, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. guys. I am looking for a book to read. What I would like is a book about how someone made it trading futures- either in the Pits or at a computer.

    Is there such a book?

    Lewis Borsellino has had one out for a while. It starts off with him describing the events that lead up to him making $1000000 in one trade, but then gets quite boring.

    I am looking for a book similar to this one.

  2. DTK


    any of the Schwager "Wizard" books
    "Pit Bull"

    all involve stories about guys doing futures
  3. I'll second that. The Market Wizards books are great in that regard.
  4. pctrader


    West of Wall Street by George Angell/Barry Haigh

    The professional commodity trader by Stanley Kroll
  5. volente_00


    Pit bull

    The section about trading the spoos will get you excited.