What is a good annual percent return?

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  1. What kind of annual return, over a 10 year period, would be considered good for a day trader?

    I am curious because I want to compare this to what I have averaged over the last 10 years.
  2. A positive one
  3. That's it?? How can someone make a living on that??
  4. Isn't it considered Spamming to post identical threads in two forums at the same time?

    Really Mrmarket....how much attention would satisfy your craving?

    Use the search function. This is a very overdone topic without your two new threads which we KNOW is going to end up being a boast about how your returns are HUGE, you are HUGE and the best stock picker on the planet.

    OK, maybe we don't KNOW, but I will stick my neck out on this one.


  5. Please point me to the thread that properly answers this question.
  6. Oh good grief. How about fifty thousand percent net after substantial withdrawals?

    "You'll never be the richest person anyway. What difference does it make? I'm proud of my futures trading, because I took $40,000 and ran it up to about $20 million with never more than a 3 percent drawdown."
    - Marty Schwartz, from Market Wizards

    His results are documented to boot.

    Argue with that why don't you?