What is a Dollar?

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  1. Just want to have a discussion about what a US Dollar actually is. All thoughts welcome
  2. fascinating to see how a dollar can travel so rapidly

    do we short the dollar every time we spend one? what can i infer from the fact that most ordinary people don't save dollars today
  3. One dollar is all one needs to retire a millionaire!
  4. Oh, sorry -- I thought you wanted to know WHERE is a dollar.
  5. would you purchase shares of stock issued by a company that could float secret and increasing amounts into perpetuity?
  6. No apologies necessary....I am glad you shared that website.

  7. Sure....if I thought I could get the return needed to grow my dollar.
  8. what if you could only purchase the shares of that company with other shares of that company? current shares priced in future shares. why trade against the force of infinite share creation?
  9. achilles28


    Fiat currency.

    Holds no value except that which society collectively agrees to ascribe to it.

    Or am i missing something?
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