What is a "Community Organizer?"

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  1. Well, according to the right wing nutjobs full of hate, it is someone that organizes the poor of society - those brown people that "hate to work" - and empowers them.

    And the leftwingers? What do they think of a "Community Organizer?" Well, they are uplifted by the sacrifice a community organizer makes to benefit their own community - to fight off the evil moneyed interests.

    Guess what? Neither have figured out Obama. Michael Hudson, economic advisor to Wall Street, Eastern European countries, and Dennis Kucinich recently had this to say - and I relay the story:

    Hudson delivered a lecture at Harvard and afterwards a Professor came up to him. They discussed Obama, and he said that the vast majority of people that become editor of the Harvard Law Review (the most prestigious position in Academia) ultimately become clerks to Supreme Court Justices upon graduation. BUT Obama became a community organizer. At which point, this professor, a black man in his 90s said:

    "Do you know what a Community Organizer is?"

    Michael Hudson asked what he meant by this. And the professor said this:

    A community organizer works with big banks, communities, Major Real Estate interests and GENTRIFIES a city. A community organizer basically manages the process of tearing down black slums, forcing the people out, and while gentrifying the area that was vacated, they make a killing on where the displaced population moves to.

    Obama's biggest backers were the Pritzker and Crowne families of Chicago - major real estate interests. And don't forget Rezko.
    (end story)
    reference: http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/2009/10/lnl_20091012_2218.mp3

    about at 15:25 minute mark

    So guess what guys - we all had Obama wrong. He is much more a Republican than many wannabee republican crackers are.

    Do I believe he wants to better the average person's life? Yes. But I think Obama sold himself at an early age.... he lost his soul a long time ago. To wit - the Banksters and their control of the White House.

    By the way, I voted for Obama. And if I had a chance to do it again - I would vote 3rd party. Anyone but Obama or McCain. BOTH PARTIES ARE OWNED.