What Is A Christian Fundamentalist And Why Are They Being Reviled By Other "christian

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Animal Quackers, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Let them find methane gas and other traces of life on Mars first...
    Then it becomes a little difficult for the believers of God.
  2. Would Allah, Zeus, and Buddah all fall by the wayside too :p
  3. Religion will NEVER be extinct. It is a powerful opiate for many people, and they will always have the need to get high, no matter what.

    Just like drug prohibition & health warnings can never stop people like me from getting high... logic, reason and science will never deter mystics from getting high by worshipping their imaginary friend in the sky. It's just basic human nature.
  4. Why do you get high and what kind of high do you like to get :p
  5. I know religion is illogical, even scientology - although they'd claim otherwise - they are just as crazed as the UFO sects to me.

    It's more about worshipping some idol. I guess people really lack good rolemodels, especially in moral matters. The reason for which, might be the laziness of people to properly/thoroughly reflect on themselves and their lives. And then there are so many mindless push-overs who likes to wear some (partisan) (T-)shirt; 65 years ago it was a yellow-brownish color.
  6. Let's just say that Rush Limbaugh and I have one thing in common....but other opiates (never smack or religion though) are also great... also blow & sometimes nitrous.