What is A "Cadillac Health Plan"?

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  1. Is my Oxford Health plan that costs me and family 1500/mth considered one of these Cadillac Plans?
  2. In the Senate plan any family with benefits that exceed $21,000 per year in 2013 and any individual with benefits that exceed $8,000 per year will run into the 40% cadillac tax. A family plan costing $22,000 would generate a tax of $400.

    As long as your plan costs less than $21,000 in 2013 you won't be directly affected.

    However the threshold is set to rise based on inflation and not healthcare premiums. If the Bill is passed and enacted in 2013 around 14% of families would fall under the tax. If Healthcare costs continue in the same up trend in 2019 around 37% of families would fall under the tax. That means that there is a very high possibility of your family falling under the tax in the future if the bill is passed. However it is uncertain whether it will cost your family a few extra hundred dollars or significant portions of benefits.

    There is another big controversial point about the tax. Millions of workers have conceded pay raises for a boost in benefits thus putting them above the $21,000 threshold. With this new tax the government is betting that employers will lower their benefits but increase their wage. With an increase in wages and a decrease in the amount spent on benefits there will be an increase in payroll and income taxes. Not only will these employees lose benefits, but the increased wage that could have paid for the tax-free benefits will now be taxed.

    Basically it is 50/50. You will either lose vital benefits that you have earned yourself which may help extend your life and the life of loved ones for years or you will end up forking over a little extra cash.

    The best thing you can do is listen, support and praise your government. Afterall, do you really care if you lose benefits and possibly years of your life in order to give a product to someone who hasn't earned it? Quit being so selfish. It's just your life.
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  5. If you are not a card carrying union member or a govt' employee then yes.

    There is a "friends of Barry" exclusion written into the bill and they are exempt.

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    Interesting that the Dems want to tax these "Cadillac health plans" when last year during the campaign, Obama criticized McCain for offering the same or similar proposal that is now in these Congressional proposals:

    President Obama, during the campaign, sharply criticized his opponent's proposal. "John McCain calls these Cadillac plans," he said in October. "In some cases, it may be that a corporate CEO is getting too good a deal. But what if you're an American line worker . . . who's given up wage increases in exchange for better health care? Well, Senator McCain believes you should pay higher taxes, too."
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    Also, I don't think it applies to people who pay out of pocket for their health insurance, but rather it supposed to be a tax on employer paid plans, at least as it was proposed.
  9. Well its a bit like false name''global warming [scam]/cap & tax the rich''

    You see all in America are rich, say compared to the 500 million people in India that earn about 50 cents per day.

    However i had a Democrat lawyer friend of mine say its now[projected ha ha] more taxes if you make $500,000, not $250,000 as promised. Charlie Gibson maybe mad, sounds like Pres ''Bush doctrine''

    But its so close to election time [2010]. May not be any kind of tax increase.LOL:D Especially since the private sector does a MUCH better job of helping poor people than gov.
  10. Or everyone could man up and pay for their own "Cadillac plans" out of pocket like all independent traders are obligated to do.

    Pretty simple stuff right there.
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