What is 6 figures..seven figures?

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  1. When a trader says that he makes 7 figures, wht does this mean?

    1,000,000.00 is 9 figures?

    so is 8 figures 100,000.00

    or do you drop the .00 at the end?

  2. hehe, honey we make five figures...does this help?
  3. Electric,

    Why can so many make more than 5 figures here...I have 10 fingers?

  4. and what a figure you have mrs savant! 36-24-36! ;p
  5. diputs


    Do you two ever talk in person? :)

    This is a joke!!!
  6. Moreagr


    dont include the cents

    so a million is 7 figures
  7. Thank you Moreagr,

    For taking me serously. I really did not know.

    As far as the other comments...this is a mans forum and it is best for me to shut up...

    As far as Electric, He is not talking to me just now and is lost somewhere in this home network.


  8. I am down in the billiards room with the wireless...Trading does not begin for a few hours ....
  9. 9 ball?
  10. Moreagr


    no problem glad i could help :)
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