What Intermarket Stage is economy at???

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    What Pring Intermarket stage now????

    I picked up Pring's The Investors Guide to Active Assett Allocation. Pring is one of my favorite trading authors- so I was naturally drawn to his book on intermarket strategies.

    I am mostly a forex spot market trader plus I trade indexes and mainly commodities such as oil etc.. I have never really got back into equites since 1999. I am thinking about starting to move into some more longer timeframes or position trading.

    I read Prings Active assett book and it was pretty intense.

    My main question is about what stage is the market currently in now???

    I am assuming that we are on the tailend of a bull market. Maybe in stage 4. All three groups have been bullish. With the housing market maybe starting to stall and the forecasts that intrest rates might be lowered shortly.

    Stage 4- Stocks and commodities bullish- Bonds starting to get bearish.

    So my first guess is anything from stage 4 to stage 5???

    I have not heard anybody comment on the current stage on cnbc or anything like that.

    Any thoughts??

    Does anybody have any links to websites that have relevant info concerning these stages. I looked at Murphy's stockcharts website but could not find any current information.

    Ty for any info,