What instrument tracks gold and trades in volume during overnight?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by snackly, Apr 15, 2009.

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    GC is the more liquid contract.

    Take a look at 6E, Euro FX, not the mini, stay away from that!
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  3. New York gold is a low volume affair. I don't know why anyone would trade that. NYSE now has 100 oz contracts (that do no volume) and mini contracts. I think the mini is YG and is a 33 oz contract. It's low volume too, but the volume is better than the NYSE 100 oz.

    The problem with the GC is that it's 100 oz, meaning that the the contract can move significant dollars, so make sure that 100 oz is appropriate for your account.

    YG trades pretty well in my opinion. Gives a smaller exposure. While the volume is definitely lighter, there's usually good size on the bid/ask if you want to make a trade.

    Just be sure to think about the risk relative to your account size. Gold is volatile, and 100 oz contracts can make/lose alot of money quick.

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