What indicators/indexes do you watch?

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    It has probably been asked before, but still:

    What are your favorite indicators/indexed that you watch, and what is your holding period. How and where do you scan for possible trades, or maybe you just watch a basket of stocks?

    Thanks for your feedback.
  2. ===============
    Telo, [10/+ year question].
    Favorites include 3 years, 10 years;
    thats candle charts, maybe not holding period, but depends on the trend.LOL but true:D
  3. Index:
    SPX (S&P 500)

    Daily charts (1 bar = 1 day)
    Hourly charts (1 bar = 1 hour)

    SMI (Stochastics Momentum Index) - 15,27,13
    AWS (Awesome Oscillator) - 39,72,13
    V-MACD (Volatility adjusted macd) - 17,24,9,3.7
    TSI (True Strength Index) - 39,28
    SBV Flow (Selling Buying Volume Flow) - 20,4
    ATR (Average True Range) - 14

    charts from
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