What indicators do you use and why?

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  1. I use bollinger bands, CCI, Stochastics, and OBV.

    BB is to help me spot major moves, Stochastics for measuring current buying/selling power, and OBV for spoting divergence in money flows, Don't know why I use CCI, it just helps. Tried using MACD and found it pretty lagged n useless.
  2. I am under the impression that the TA you use depends on your investing / trading time line.
  3. to acerbits...what settings do you use on the BB, CCI, STOCH and OBV...and what time period chart do you trade off of...thanks...interesting post!
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    Buffy's B-Line is all you need pal.
  5. look forward to this reply...thanks!!
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    Hear hear on Buffy's bline!
  7. Are you using anything else besides indicators to help with your trade decisions???

  8. I use all default settings for indicators, for stochastics I use 14,3,3. I trade mostly from 5 minutes charts but also keep a 15 minute chart up to see the longer term trend. I use indicators to help me get an idea of whats going on, but I will always put price action ahead of indicators. I like entering when a market breaks out of it's intraday range, also I like triangles allot.
  9. Price and volume. Nothing else matters.
  10. I have charts of indicators I've developed or bought, which display nothing beyond the indicator value; no spot price or volume. I am not terribly fond of most TA-tools, but I chart the 15m, daily and weekly for equity; 4h, daily and weekly for FX.
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