What indicators do big-time professional futures traders use?

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    Support and Resistance Levels?
    Moving averages?
    What do they look at to determine when to trade and in what direction to take a trade?
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    Define "big-time"
  3. Front-running :D
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    Price and Volume. And like someone else said, how do you define big-time?
  5. And all you have to do here, is get rid of volume...
  6. Futures leads the cash.

    Some traders do watch the big money, I know I do.

    By watching he markets and watching big money traders, you get a sense of what they are watching.

    Two main things come to mind:

    1. They watch each other, and

    2. They watch the minority who control the markets.

    Probably the best thing to do is ask JoePaterno since he has tested everything.

    It that fails and he only bullshits you, then conider the tools big money uses a lot.

    OTR, DOM, T&S, Premium drift and S/S come to mind. I know that is only five key places to monitor but it is a start.

    Big money stays on the right side of the market. The reason is that this results in better "insurance" which is what futures indexes are used for by big money.

    Again JoePaterno will confirm all of this for you or he is wrong.
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    big time don't need any indicators..they are the forces,who move the market in their direction :p
  8. 2-lot'ers
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    Most, if not all of them use stochastics.
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