What indicator or instrument leads the dollar?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wilburbear, May 17, 2010.

  1. Anybody here trade the dollar?
  2. Trade the EUR/USD Euro US Dollar forex currency pair or you can trade the USD/JPY Japanese Yen US Dollar forex currency pair.

    basically when you sell euro's your buying us dollars and vice versa when you buy the euro your in affect selling the us dollar.

    the 2 above mentioned pairs trade inverse of each other. when the euro is up the yen will be down and vice versa. today as i type this the yen is up and the euro is down.

    the fed is keeping the dollar strong so that it looks like the us is not in trouble. the fed is keeping the gold market capped along with bonds and the dollar. by keeping bonds strong the yeilds will remain low. by keeping gold prices high it guarantees more profits for the central banks doing the selling. by keeping the stock market propped up it keeps the sheeple believing that we are in an economic recovery even though there no jobs.

  3. Yes, but what leads the dollar? What do dollar traders look at?
  4. you can try pair trading the along with the treasury bond or other interest rate future, while some use the term structure and other interest rate differentials.