What in the world happened to Steve46

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bad feeling, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. When I first came to ET, this guys was the IT shit, the funniest most original guy on ET

    He made fun of noobs so much and so well that he would drive me to tears.

    I even told my friends to read his posts, but what the hell happened man, did you find religion or something

    he even attempted briefly to teach people to trade

    now he is ALL serious, no fun, all about doing the right thing, hey man live a little, its hard not to be serious with the sorry state of the union as they say

    everybody is getting old even hypo pretty much stopped trying

    hydro also changed, more serious too

    aaahhhhh the good old days :p
  2. Maybe he is making money. That happy accident will sober even the worst cynic.
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    ET kills a good mood over time. There are lots of mean asses that don't/can't trade and hate traders or something, then there is the endless analytical drivel of all sorts that is 99% random anyhow, no matter the level of education/experience, and the kindergarten sandbox fights that erupt out of nowhere... I might go cold turkey as my new years resolution...
  4. hey hypo good to hear from you, and no Steve was always making money from day one
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    Maybe all the infantile, inane threads like this one started by T28 aliases drove him to depression?

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  7. I thought he retired (semi-retired).
  8. Hello folks

    I am doing fine. I trade during the day and I don't do as well when I post and trade, so i try to focus on what pays me first.

    Also the site owner has elected to let trolls dominate the scene. I don't like the "sport bashing" that goes on here. Like Atticus, Acrary and others I would rather play solitare on my computer than waste time bickering with trolls.

    I hope everyone has good luck in these tough markets.

    Take care