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  1. What if a trader came along... a currency trader.... with a trading system so advanced.... he could average over 500% a year return with low, stable and management risk/drawdown?

    And, what happens if he opened a hedge fund?

    How would he be received/perceived in the world of investors/investment?

    All flames and rips aside, an honest question.

  2. Follow-up question would be, what is the highest sustained return on investment trading per year you've ever heard of that is documented year over year average?

    I think I read about a couple guys who did over 300% per year for a year or two - their fund was so flooded with new capital it was closed to new investors.

    Come on, guys, help me out on this.

  3. Another question would be, that if he did manage a fund and got in billions to manage, who would be the losers that's feeding his gains?
  4. Other peoples' money.

  5. maxpi


    Are there options on currencies? Some of the gains could come from selling insurance. Some of the gains could come from people that made money on another time frame and just did not capture the whole move, one man's trailing stop might be another man's bread and butter.
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