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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lundy, Jan 11, 2003.

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    actually i'm not fishing for prospects here. in fact thats a joke right? I don't think venture capitalists hang out on ET. I think yer the only one who thinks this to be true, cause i don't have any new pm's.

    Zbear, thanks for the info on Jesse Livermore, thats nice to know he finally made money.

    Someone else said why write a book, no one would read it. Well, the main content of the book wouldn't be my story, although it would be included. The main content would be the Holy Grail itself, and the discoveries that led up to it.

    I'm sure that this would be of great interest to alot of people. Essentially, the market would assimilate the Holy Grail, and it would then be useful no more.

    sorry if i wasted anyone's time, but most people frequent this site to "spend" their time anyway. Most of the stuff on here's entertainment, a very little is useful.... sorry if it was bad entertainment.
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    i take my leave now.... wish me luck, or don't.
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    ps... before i leave, i'd like to disclose two other ET identities.... they will dissappear as well.

    permabull, which was obvious
    2xworldchampion, also obvious

    they will also depart with me.
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  4. See you next week...
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    Make sure you let us know when the book comes out.
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  6. Are those the only ones?
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  7. Only Lundy knows for sure ...
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  8. Or, maybe in a month or two...
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