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  1. maxpi


    Glad I just saw Pi for the first time on Saturday because the ending was given away here... It's just weird, some harvard students made a black and white film, supposed to be a Sci-Fi thriller, more like a mathematician's nightmare. I don't know anything about the questions on the rest of the thread so I can't help, seems kind of crazy anyhow, nothing compared to the movie though.

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  2. You cats are strange....
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  3. don't get too amused unless you're looking in a mirror and asking yourself... "Mirror... what's MY claim to fame such that I can judge others!"

    So what is it Flow?


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  4. ZBEAR


    No Livermore did not die broke - he did however, shoot himself
    ( Personally I think he finally just got old and grew tired of the game ).

    His wife had Piles of Cash in their apartment - plus more who knows where !
    It's well documented in the Smitten book - as told by the Livermore son, "Paul".

    Well you might try telling youself 10 times everyday that you are a
    useless worthless piece of shit scum suckin' no account Trader, and let' see what that gets you !

    Sure there's more to it than Positive Affirmations.
    Having a positive mental image of yourself never hurts.
    Having a negative mental image of yourself "Always Hurts".
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  5. rjt


    Lundy won't disclose his trading strategy to anyone, and why would anyone want to read it? Making hundreds of thousands one month and then losing it plus more the next doesn't indicate to me that there is any benefit to his system that will improve my trading approach.

    Obviously he continued using the same signal parameters through both winning and losing cycles. He admits to no patience and no intelligence. Patience and intelligence (to some degree) must be combined with discipline to enble one to make any sort of progress in this business. If he lacks all three, there is no hope for him, no matter how much money he could dig up.

    Perhaps he is the one everyone is referring to when they say that to make a fortune trading, one has to start with a larger one.
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  6. dis


    Futures Gain/Loss: -95205.00
    Commissions: -1032.50

    Assuming you paid $10 for a round-trip trade, your system lost 95205.00 / (1032.50 / 10) = ~$950.00 or 19 ES point/contract traded in a single day. You don't have much use for stops, do you?
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  7. dis


    Lundy, assuming you paid $10 for a round-trip trade, your system lost 95205.00 / (1032.50 / 10) = ~$950.00 or 19 ES point/contract traded in a single day. You don't have much use for stops, do you?
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  8. ZBEAR



    And there I think you have captured the essence of the problem.
    Money Management is probably at the root of it all.

    We has met the enemy and the enemy am us. Pogo
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  9. JustDave


    I just can't believe I wasted 15 minutes reading all of this horse$hit...and some of you gave him his jollies by egging it on....myself included, with this reply!!!

    Lundy - I applaud you for getting 3450+ views on this crap! :D


    (If none of that made sense - it's because I think I just became stupider reading all of this!!) :D
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  10. Momento


    I can't believe i spent 15.5 minutes reading all this ... (an extra 1/2 minute because of Dave's post.)

    I am sure by now, you know how to answer your own questions...

    The main reason why I think you posted this thread, is not to find supportive ET members, recognition, or all other BS people assumed... you simply wanted to find propects to sell your system to. I am sure you have received tones of emails or private messages by now. You should you know what to do next...

    Good luck
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