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  1. Lundy - here's a challenge for you.....I'm beginning my first trading job on Monday with a prop firm - stricly NASDAQ - I've got 5k of BP to begin day one - sky's the limit after that - and a totally clean slate.

    If you truly have a Holy Grail system let's apply it to my account - I'll post a daily P&L and if your system is a winner I'll invest the proceeds of the account into marketing your Holy Grail system - or perhaps starting a hedge fund....but you can't trade it.

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  2. Lundy,

    With all due respect, I think that if you do not like trading, it will be very hard, if not impossible, for you to ever do it yourself properly for any extended period of time. As was shown by Jack Schwagger in his "Market Wizards" books, one of the things all the world's best traders all have is a passion for the markets and a love for game of trading (yes, they see it as a game, not emotional torture). It's often been said that the most perfect trading system in the universe will not generate profits in the hands of a trader who does not have the discipline to follow it. From your posts, I have gathered that you 1) don't like the actual act of trading, and 2) admit that you lack the discipline to trade without gambling.

    I'm still thinking about possible options for you and I will post more later.


    Believe me, the movie Pi is such a complete head trip, the fact that I gave away the ending will not diminish your cinematic experience. This movie is a case of the journey being greater than the destination.
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  3. catman


    Lundy, you're too much. You've lost a fortune in the market (much of it belonging to others), you dislike trading, yet you see the markets as the only answer to "make serious money". Just like that!

    What's different now? What's changed? Certainly not you.
    Why don't you be a man and accept the fact that you just have to get a regular job, work hard, and save money to pay others back.
    Reading your posts on this and other threads leads me to believe
    you're only going to keep losing.

    Trading the financial markets requires not only hard work and total dedication, but there is one other important ingredient that you seem to lack.....a passion for what you are doing.
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  4. Corallus....

    have you read the book "Prisoner's Dilemma"?
    by Poundstone? Re: Von Neumann?

    I'm reading it now (gotta give "marketsurfer" credit for that)
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  5. Iceman, no I haven't read it. I'll take a look at it though. Thanks.
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  6. 216 also from movie



    But I'm won't disclose the brand of drill, bit size or whether it's cordless or not....

    :D :D

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  7. lundy


    a non disclosure agreement wouldn't stop you from robbing me blind. Sure u might not disclose anything to anyone, but that doesn't stop you from using it yourself.

    i don't need to prove anything on this board, but if you are a credible potential buyer of the Holy Grail, I would cooperate in showing you 'evidence'. Anyhow i'm not looking for 1 million, i'd be looking for 4 million. Exactly 2x my debt. All of it would go to the victims not me.

    on the other hand, if someone wanted to partner with me, where the system would be traded with profits split 50/50, i'd be willing to speak further.
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  8. ZBEAR



    Jesse Livermore went BUST more than once.
    He paid back his creditors EVERY TIME.
    Each time he did go Bust - he went into seclusion FOR MONTHS,,,,
    and tried to figure out what he did wrong.
    He FINALLY learned - NOT TO GO BUST !

    There's more to the Holy Grail than a good "System".

    If you don't have the second two - YOU DON'T HAVE THE HOLY GRAIL.

    Read - "R. Smittens" book on Jesse Livermore "Worlds Greatest Stock Speculator -
    Not LeFevre's "Reminiscences.....Smittens book is better.
    Yeah, I know, another damn book.

    Bro, It'a an "inside job" - Stop ALL negative internal dialog IMMEDIATELY !
    Tell yourself every day 10 reasons WHY YOU ARE A GREAT TRADER !
    All the rest will follow ( believe it ).

    And by all means watch Pi - it's a great movie.

    Best of Luck Amigo.
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  9. didn't he shoot himself because he went bust?

    don't shoot yourself, lundy...and don't drill into your head.

    ignore trading for a while and come back when you want.

    there'll still be plenty of us to trade with.

    see you then
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  10. Flow



    I feel as though I must thankyou! Your delusional - almost psycotic rants are almost as amusing as watching Nitro tick fuck the ES for 1/4's on 1 lots!!! Keep up the great work bro -- this shit is highly amusing!!!!!


    This Tony Robbins bumper sticker feel good psycology is simply bull-shit. If a trader wants to get better he must confront himself, know himself, and then learn to channel his weakness into strength. Telling yourself you are a "great trader" when indeed you suck big hairy monkey balls will only further perpetuate your shitty trading. You can tell yourself 10 thousand times a day you are a great trader, but all the wishin in the world ain't gonna make it so...

    ET has become the home of the 13,348 blind mice when it comes to getting this cheese :(

    PEACE and Good-trading,
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