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  1. "Here's my options: I could write a book and prove to the world that the markets aren't random or even chaotic, they are mathematical in nature."

    20 years of trading experience tells me this is wrong. the markets are emotional in nature.
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  2. Indicators are quantified emotions. As such, I can see how one might term a method that quantifies the emotions ultimately leading to highs and lows as mathematical.

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    Why? You already gave away the ending. :D

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  4. Many years ago, back in college, I knew a guy whom you remind me of. He was a compulsive gambler. It started with betting on sports, he lost some money, not much, started playing blackjack, lost some more, started looking into the stock market.

    He openned a paper account, and showed us his results for that month, which was pretty impressive. So he asked me and 2 other friends for money. Here was his deal, (I'm not giving the real amounts, just to give you the idea of his plan) - 4 of us put 1000 dol. each, and he starts trading, the amount he makes, we split 4 ways equally, but if he starts losing money he'll stop as soon as the acount is down 25 %, and returns our money, so we didn't risk anything. Everything sounded good, so we gave the money (later we found out that he didn't even put his part, he borrowed it from someone else who he didn't tell us about, telling him the same story).

    To make the long story short, this moron lost all the money (like 90%) of it in 1 month! He was trading on margin. He told us later that after the first loss, he just wanted to get the money back to us, so he can stop. It got worse and worse, because we didn't know right away how he was doing, he was telling us that the acount is at break even, until we asked for the monthly statement. The truth came out, the kid dropped out of school. He lost control to the point where we was ready to commit any crime, just to get our money back. He was arrested by police on his way to rob a store. The amounts involved were far from the ones you gave us, but I thinkg this story still relates to you.

    I do believe that you borrowed large amounts and lost it trading.
    You don't have a holy grail, or any system to make money. That one month performance you quoted was just good luck and big leverage. Even one year's performance wouldn't mean that you found some kind of system.

    You are a f$cking mess, man. You are looking to gambling type of activities. This book writing idea is another sign of desperation. Nobody gives a crap about your system or your story to buy your book.

    People whose money you lost know they are not going to get it back. So just stop right where you are. Declare bankruptcy, solve all the legal problems with you not being charged for fraud, move to different state, start the life from zero, and most important forget about the markets for at least several years.

    For some unknown reason I feel sorry for you, and would only advice to get some professional help before you do some serious demage to yourself or others.
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  5. Yeah, then everyone would trade it (assuming it works). However, like every other strategy that gets overused, it would seriously deteriorate in terms of effectiveness.
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  6. lundy, QUITE SAYING THAT; you will never become a successful trader with that attitude. What you formulate in your mind about yourself will become self-fulfilling prophecy (maybe it already has).

    Be like the little engine that could and say: I CAN, I CAN, I CAN.....

    Also, the last part of your statement above really bothers me. This gig is something you've got to love-- you can't stay in the game if you don't have a passion for it.
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    I don't like trading very much, it's rather painful as I get pulled around by emotions. I wouldn't share the HG here as it wouldn't benefit me at all.

    Zbear, i'm dirt poor by anyones standard on this board.

    Corso482, maybe your right about the wanting to prove something. But if I could truly walk away from this situation and start over, I would. I can't though. I HAVE to pay the money back, therefore a book about the Holy Grail might work in this regard.

    Hardrock, the reason I posted that particular month wasn't because it was profitable, but because it had a lot of money in it and I was trying to show that the story wasn't made up. It was profitable sure, even gamblers make money sometimes.

    Vehn, this is where you are wrong. I can't prove it to you without revealing the HG, but the markets are predictable using mathematics.

    ari_veru, thanks for the story about the gambler, that pretty much mirrors my story. Once again I wasn't trying to impress anyone with results from the posted month. Everyone should know that I lost all of that money, and more.
    secondly, you don't know enough about my situation to tell me I can just walk away. I can walk away from the market, but not my friends. I have to pay them back, it's just a matter of how. I may fuck up in life, or screw someone over, but I stay until all matters are taken care of. So if I don't make the money from stock market, I make it another way. Stockmarket is the only way it could happen in less than 80 years.

    Also another note is that I am not addicted to the stock market, but i am in a situation now where I have to make serious money. Unless someone knows of a way for me to make that kind of money, I think i'll have to stick to the markets.
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  8. "Vehn, this is where you are wrong. I can't prove it to you without revealing the HG, but the markets are predictable using mathematics."

    well, prove it. i will pay 1 million for the true verifiable holy grail if it can be traded profitably in size. since the true holy grail would easily return many times that amount it would be a good investment.i will sign a non disclosure agreement while you show me the proof. time to put up or shut up.
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    This is getting interesting!

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