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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lundy, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. inandlong, same here...

    I relieve my boredom in here...

    Along the way, if I can help someone, then that's even better.
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  2. cheeks


    The only thing i know for sure is: This thread is weird.:confused:
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  3. lundy


    little can come of it... the account is closed, the records are old. I've moved, I no longer use that email address.

    Why would a nut case go after a nutcase? they generally go after naive, normal people.

    Unfortunately, I hurt my friends badly, and I regret it now. But you should see what I do to my enemy's if i had some.

    I'm not a rich guy, i'm dirt poor.

    My point is that I have nothing that people would want. But if anyone really wants some of me, they'll get it in a way they never intended.

    edit: no one really wants to contribute anything to the thread except inandlong? everyone else just feeling paranoid for me because I post some personal pics? Lots of paranoia, lots of hiding behind aliases, virtual personalities, not too much useful ontopic posts.

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  4. Lundy,

    How about sharing your system, if you're not trading it?

    Perhaps we can learn a thing for two about it.

    Have you considered entering a trading contest? That might be interesting for you.

    -- ITZ
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  5. lundy,

    Do you mean to say that even if you found out THE secret to trading the stock market, that you'd still be incapable of trading it yourself? That baffles my mind...

    The real question is this-- what do you want?

    Do you want to be rich? Then trade the 'holy grail' yourself.

    Do you want the mental exercise? Then find the 'holy grail' and tell no one.

    Do you want fame and prestige? Then write a book.

    My arm chair psychiatry tells me that you probably want fame and prestige most as a way of mentally compensating for your huge f#ck up. You want to prove to yourself, your friends, and the world that your not as much as a screw up as your past behavior would suggest.

    Of course, I could be completely misunderstanding you, but hell, what do you expect from a message board?
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  6. ZBEAR


    Interesting Thread Lundy,

    How can you be dirt poor - with the Grail? .....or is "Dirt Poor" a "Relativity Thing" ?
    Like you are dirt poor if you just have 1 Rolls instead of 25.

    I don't understand. ( Did I miss something here ? )

    I do understand the "Challenge" factor.
    Jesse Livermore was said to have not really cared all that much about the money" -
    it was more the Game that was important.
    I can understand that. (not that we don't all like the money).
    ( including ole Jesse ).

    As far as "Recognition" is concerned,
    That's Ego - and is showing us our weakness.
    More "stuff" for us to work on before we get liberated from us.

    LIFE - it's an inside job !
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  7. "Math is the language of the universe. Everything and anything can be represented by numbers; graph those numbers and patterns emerge. If you're sophisticated enough to understand the pattern, you can understand anything, even the stock market. The Torah, for instance, is just a long string of numbers. Decode the Torah, and you can find the one true name of God."



    After having read your initial post, I couldn't help but think of the movie, Pi, about a number theorist named Maximillian Cohen who discovered the one universal number set that explained virtually every mystery known to man. The Holy Grail, if you will. This man was tortured by his own mind and delved deeper and deeper into his own insanity. In addition, he was terrorized by the outside world and was endlessly hounded by Wall Street financiers. As the movie progresses, Max's obsession escalates into a wild frenzy that he can no longer tolerate and the film ends with him performing a frontal lobotomy on himself in the bathroom with a power drill.

    If you haven't seen it, Pi is a must-rent film.

    Anyway, I don't think you're crazy. And please don't drill a hole in your head, either. :)

    I truly believe that system development and actual trading are two totally different skills. Perhaps you are a genius in the former, but not in the latter.

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  8. You learn the most interesting things here.

    Thanks for the mention of the movie "Pi". I'll look for it at the rental places.
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  9. Here's one...

    What if this was one of TWO accounts you had? This one shows a profit. The other one (account #2), in which you made exactly the opposite trades, would show us a loss. You show the world the one with the profits. You do not show the other one, and no one knows you have it. Therefore, you are close to zero overall, and actually operating at a loss when you factor in commissions and spreads. Then, you show the "winning" account in hopes of gaining more funding, while neglecting to mention that each trade was offset (essentially) in another account that took large losses.

    Just something to think about.

    And no, I have never done this.
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  10. Are you an Old Grad?
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