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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lundy, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. lundy


    I proves that even if you have the Holy GRail, it doesn't mean you will make money. I was a compulsive gambler.
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  2. KavMan


    Now that's more credible but that doesn't mean I believe you :D

    BTW If that's you , you shouldn't be posting your personal info like address and stuff
    Lots of nutcases out there
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  3. lundy


    Kavman, how do u know I am not a nutcase? or was that the basic assumption? :eek:
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  4. lundy


    But you are straying off the subject of the thread...

    You probably have nothing to say??? except 'I don't beleive'
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  5. KavMan


    If that's true about you losing all that money then you cannot be sane
    Yea you're a nutcase :D
    Btw, Posting those pic, now I'm more inclined to believe what you have to say but that doesn't mean I believe you :D
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  6. I feel like eating carry-out tonight. I'm going to sharpen my ax and ... oh look! another address from a former trader gone broke.

    I have a craving for sausage -- where is my fork?
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  7. Okay, so the math works out like this, roughly:

    Started Nov with 145,500.
    Deposit Net 469,000
    Ending Balance 887,000

    That means that after commission you made 272,500 for the month.

    That is completely reasonable for the type and size of your acct and the commish you have tallied. Clearly it isn't the P/L you don't like.

    You wouldn't be the first person to walk away from a talent. What if you used your talent to create the funds necessary for you to do somethng you really like? That of course could be a problem if your method requires you to exhaust your energy trading to produce those funds.

    If the money isn't the goal, and engineering good trades doesn't satisfy you, then pursue what does. Anyone who can figure out the markets as well as your P/L states is certainly talented enough to succeed in many venues.

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  8. lundy


    what I like is a mental challenge, not a will power challenge.

    so, the markets provided me with the mental challenge of figuring them out (the holy grail)

    but, just figuring them out wasn't enough, i guess i want something more... to be recognized as having done so. very materialistic, but it's true.

    yet, i don't have the discipline or willpower to be a successful trader, so i have no outlet for my creativity.

    i feel like an artist who paints a picture that no one will ever see.

    thanks for you thoughtful reply inandlong.

    btw, i don't have a talent for trading. I may have been profitable at times due to having an edge, but my will power was weak, and i eventually gave in to the thrill of the game. Actually it's more of a terror thrill, and I certainly don't like the feeling.
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  9. Lundy, if I were you, I'd take those pics away (you probably can't by now, ask the moderator to). Seriously man, there are a lot of nutheads out there and you gave them way too much info. I once posted a screenshot here on ET, but I had to make sure it had absolutely no info like acct number name etc on it. Nothing that could be used in any way I didn't want. Even then I felt kinda uneasy and took it away after a few minutes...
    Unless you digitally changed the address, name, and account number in those jpegs, you probably ARE nuts :D
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  10. You know what lundy, I truly think that "to be recognized" is why any of us post on ET at all. I have thought about this before... asking myself... why do I post? Usually I am trying to be helpful, and I realize that I want to "be recognized" as willing to be helpful. Of course I have my less-than-helpful posts too. I do despise BS and those that propagate it as if it were some great truth.

    While I have not figured out the Holy Grail, I can relate to accepting challenges that once conquered become just another solution along with the rest. When I was younger, the challenge was getting in to West Point. Once there, the challenge was gone. Later, the challenge was getting in to medical school. Once there, no big deal. I make good money consistently trading long term, but there is not much challenge so I have been working for the past 6 months on some daytrade methods to relieve the boredom.

    And I post here.

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