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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by qdz, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. nitro


    I agree. It is not impossible that many types of trading will come to a kind of "heat death," i.e., all the edge left are to the arbs, and those will be run by computers...

    FWIW, it will probably not happen in your lifetime though where _all_ opportunities are gone...

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  2. qdz


    nitro, good point. But you just me another thing to worry about, no human counter parties in the market one day. Thanks.


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  3. Htrader

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    This happens everyday. My primary daytrading strategy has lost its edge twice now and I'm currently trading my third primary strategy and working on refining a fourth. The market changes. Part of being a great trader is learning how to change with it.
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  4. JWS11


    I think what you mean is what if the world changes and I don't. Well, don't do that. Stay connected, go with the flow.
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