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  1. Q: There will ALWAYS be a way to profit from the markets. I try not to think of it as "taking bread and water from someone else"... but let's call a spade a spade.

    Glad you're making a living -- keep crack'in 'em!

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  2. Dude, are you serious? I thought you mentioned in another thread that your account is 2G's. Are you trading that for a living????? Sounds like it's not a "what if..." but "what when..."
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  3. qdz


    Swell, I am serious! I need to defend my income stream although I do not have to grow my $2K capital, hopefully.


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  4. DTK


    What kind of response were you expecting from your initial post?
    Given what you wrote, the responses that you got may not have been the most polite, but they were in certain ways warranted.

    Markets continuously change and it is up to the trader to adapt and prosper given the changes. If you can't do that your doomed from the begining. You would be lucky to make a couple of bucks to start. Change is what keeps us students of the market. If you're unwilling to accept that I suggest you hang on to your money and do something that makes you happy before it turns into another trader's profit on a quick scalp. ;)

    it's more art than science
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  5. You should all just use MONGOMATH.

    It has always worked (112% correct all the time) and always will, and best of all, EVERYONE makes money, even the losers. And BOY, your golf scores will go thru the roof (not to mention adding a couple of inches to your whanger, or growing one if you dont already have one).

    MONGOMATH - controlling the markets.

    <i>Note:- MONGOMATH is based on 'MurrayMath', with all the silly bits taken out </i>
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  6. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    The only thing in life that is Constant
    Is Change!

    One thing I have found is that nothing works forever.
    Keep on learning new things and you will be alright.
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  7. Not so stupid, on french market many pit traders was erased from the market and lost their jobs. Tomorrow they could do on futures account something like daytrading pattern with much more capital requirements like 1 or even ten millions if they want because of too much speculation or so like arguments. That was one of the excuse for pattern trading : enhancing volatility although I found an article research from scientists who demonstrates that this was a false affirmation and that volatitily was is much more due to market maker that control the bid / ask and sudden burst of trend.

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    That's exactly one of the scenario I was worrying about. Well like any jobs, day traders could lost their jobs in many events. And the insult and humiliation in such events is much higher than being fired or layed off. After all, day traders never kiss ass of any boss's.

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  9. You and your income stream with initial capital of 2k. Come on give it up, I really gotta agree with LongShot, you're really wasting time, space and bandwidth.
    Markets change all the time! Traders adjust, big deal. It's like asking: what if it doesn't rain this summer, what if the pattern changes? Well, we adjust. So much for the useless post.
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  10. DTK


    Hey, what if Jesse Livermore had a computer?
    What if programmed trading didn't exist?
    What if there was no Black, Scholes & Merton?
    What if you won the lottery tomorrow?
    What if you were going to find out that you were going to be diagnosed with a horrible sickness that gave you a week to live?
    What if Britney Spears called you up tomorrow and said that she wanted to get it on but you would have to give up trading forever?

    We can think of lots of strange situations that could occur, but shouldn't really fixate on them.

    I'm going to go have a couple of beers and think up of some more... stay tuned.

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