what if your gf can't control her weight?

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  1. last year i was seeing this girl, who was 24 y/o and 112 lbs at the time (5'5"). over the course of a few months she got up to 120, and i dropped a hint that she should control her diet and lose weight. she agreed to do so, but wasn't successful and ended up at 124 lbs. that's 12 lbs in several months. she said she didn't care if she gained weight anymore, because she wanted to enjoy life. her diet was cheese, steak and chocolate. i stopped seeing her, because if someone her age can't control her weight, what's gonna happen when she gets older?

    yes im shallow sometimes :D
  2. nothing wrong with having standards.

    News flash: Its not normal to be fat.
  3. We get a lot of US tourists down here (Australia). American women are gargantualy fat compared to the female local population.
    They are also very loud and ugly.

    Can you guys keep them over there...we don't want/need them here.
  4. Alex, I live about 1/2 hour North of Orlando. I can say the same thing about the Aussies, Canucks, Brits, Germans, etc... Unfortunately, those seem to be the majority of international travelers. I can spot a foreign tourist a mile away.
  5. Oh puhlease!!

    Recent studies show that 47% of women and 63% of men are overweight or obese. Australians are at the point where it is almost more "normal" to have a weight problem than not. Over the last decade as a nation we have continued to gain weight. If the current trend continues, it is estimated that by 2010, 70% of Australians will be above their healthy weight range.
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    You probably did the right thing, if she doesn't care what she looks like at 24 and single, she's really not going to care at 30 something and married.
  7. Newsflash Alex, from a fellow Aussie. Australian women (and men for that matter) tend to be fat, loud and have no taste in clothes. Americans are the same and Brits are probably the worst of all. Statistics show that these three countries are all in the top 5 fattest nations on earth.

    Go to Europe, Asia or Latin America for slender and well-dressed women.
  8. Feel guilty not. You must know for a fact that if you married her and she continued to eat that way, you would shortly be pushing her around in a wheelchair.
  9. Everybody has their tourist horror story who lives in an area where there are an abundance of them. A girl I went out with a long time ago told me of one night where there were a bunch of Aussies loud and drunk in her restaurant who were yelling about how they hate Americans. I'm used to anonymous losers on the internet bashing Americans from the comfort of their internet cafe or whatever, and to make the obligatory insults that we're all "fat, lazy, ignorant, insular - fill in the blank" - but to have the audacity to come here and insult us... now that takes some balls. Lucky they didn't get their asses kicked.
  10. We have more stringent criteria for what constitutes "overwight".
    If your BMI is more than 10% what it should be, our anorexic dieticians consider this to be "overwieght".

    If this was applied to Americans, Canadians and Brits then close to 95% would be overwieght.

    While I agree Queenslanders are loud and generally fat. Australians on the whole (the other 85%) are noted for their fit appearence.
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