What if you won the lottery?

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  1. You won and took a lump sum of $200 million.

    What would you do with it? Would you use it in your trading account?
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    Is that after tax? If so, I'd take 1/100th of it and put it to work in my trading account. I'd put half of the rest in a low-cost Vanguard index fund, and the other half into cash.

    P.S. It's not "winning the lottery". People do that all the time on scratch tickets or getting just some of the numbers in a drawing. What you mean to say is "winning the lottery jackpot". :)
  3. Ok. So $99 million in cash? You wouldn't consider that a waste? You wouldn't even buy bonds or anything?
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    No sir. For my lifestyle, 99 million in cash buys a whole' lotta' Kraft Mac n' Cheese, and some dosh to go take some trips.

    Bonds? F that. Sometimes cash really is king.
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  5. Isn't $99 million way more than you could ever spend on personal expenses?
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    Yeah. But there is something to be said for security blankets. I'd sleep well knowing I could survive any medical emergency that comes up with that cash on hand. Because that is a security blanket.
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    There are 12 months in a year and I probably would live to 100, which means I have roughly another 50 years. That means there are 600 months. $200 MILLION divided by 600 months is $333,333.33 PER MONTH.

    WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO TRADE??!! Like I could spend all that money in one month. :banghead: :finger:
  8. So you'd leave it in cash?
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    You'd put some of it in a trading account so you'd have something to do after you'd exhausted doing all things you wanted to do. After all, not doing anything after doing all the things you have wanted to do, and have done, can get boring. So dabble in some trading! Provide liquidity!

    Class IV milk for example! Inject some life into that dead powder!
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    $99,000,000 even at a simple 2% CD would grab you nearly $2 million a year. You could trade if you wanted to but $2 million in interest and you could live extremely comfortable with the best vacations and coolest entry level cars. Heck I could retire on just $2 million right this second if I won just that amount after taxes.
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