what if you sold this market a year ago?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by andrasnm, Sep 3, 2002.

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    "If a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass."
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    If the Queen had balls...she'd be King.:D :D :D
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    IF IF IF.... my father used to say "if your sister had balls she'd be your brother !
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  4. If the Queen had balls she'd be . . . Janet Reno :D
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    you were Mark Cuban?
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  6. If Janet Reno had balls she would still be a man.

    A good reason for flag burning......


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  7. Not very funny! A lot of time and effort and money went into my obstruction of the recount. This is no laughin' matter.

    What a lot of y'all don't realize is that whether or not the recount was accurate in Florida or if all those old jewish people got confused by that there butterfly ballot deal, it is all kinda moot. 'Cause I got 100% of the African American vote. Or at least the one that counted.

    Thanks again to Clarence Thomas, my main brother! He is the MAN y'all!

    Hope I can help you folks out with the stock market pretty soon.
    My dad couldn't do it, but he couldn't finish off that a-rab evildoer either. I is smarter.

    POTUS 43
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    If I had a million dollars I would be a millionaire.

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  9. speaking of shorting the market a year ago, take a look at my posted and public portfolio on clearstation.com. this is a long term short/long balanced port. you can link directly at the site www.marketsurfer.com click on "surfer's portfolio".


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  10. It seems many people are refusing to change and keep doing what does not seem to work for most.
    I apologize if you are very successful scalper and short term trader. We all know that most people who trade short term are not.
    I firmly belive that intermediate and long term traders, on average fare better. This is what I have switched into a while back(2 years ago). I DON'T worry about how I make my weekly/monthly income and I don't attempt to eek that out from trading. I trade exclusively longer term trends.
    (Stock index and commodities, oil, gold and currencies are my main focus)

    My holding is 3-6 months and I reenter the same position or sometimes I double my position if I scored well in the first 3 months.
    I also suspect most short term traders are attracted to the action and the myth of a trader(Gordon Gekko like characters from our stereo-typical wall streeter)
    I have met a group of traders who are very low profile and low tech. Trade mainly ETF and funds like Fidelity. (The fidelity switchers made enough during the Bull market to offset the sales charge fidelity charges for the clients)
    The best thing is diversification (using index funds) and no commission plus no quote overhead!
    That can be $500 a month savings which does not include your commission saving.
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