what if you sold this market a year ago?

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  1. and took time off, saving on live quote expenses, commission expenses?
    Have you ever thought about this? What if you held a few mini contracts short? Or if you held leveraged short index funds?

    Wouldn't you've been better off?

    The time frame of some people's trades is just a reflection of their psychological make-up and temperament. It has nothing to do with any imaginary edge or business plan.
    I am saying this because I do believe people trade for all kinds of reasons. What is yours?
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    "What if ?".........I try to focus on What is....
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    On a regular S&P contract (lets say SPZ2) you could have sold around 1225 this time last year. Thats about 340 pts X $250 = $85,000 profit per contact. Margin has moved between $17k-$25k over that time.

    Nice call if anyone made it.
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    If ifs and buts was candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas.:cool:

  5. maybe something to think and learn from?
  6. Since we're daydreaming, what if I bought 100,000 shares of 3.00/share INVN on Sept 10, 2001, or sold short ENE at 85.00? Or shorted WCOM AMZN and YHOO in march 2000 while everyone else was buying like no tomorrow ?
  7. If it weren't 90 degrees here it could snow...
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    i wish i bought just 100 msft on the ipo day and sold 'em march 2000.

    this would be oh so good!
  9. What if they had counted the hanging chads?

  10. Then this would happen . . .
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