What if you have a good trading system but no money ?

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  1. Imagine you found several good trading systems and you would like to make a living with your trading but ..... you have no capital to start.
    What would you do ?
  2. Find someone with capital who doesn't mind taking a gamble on you, and split profits.
  3. Two words...

    Credit card.
  4. Anybody can scape up two grand to fund a futures trading account and get rich with a typical 500% per annum return. Opie has several trading systems, so he can get there several times faster.
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    1....Get a part time job of some kind just to pay the bills
    2....Open up accounts @ the forex bucket shops that pay you to open an account
    3....trade like a fool around the clock to build capital using these small accounts and prove the systems are capable
    4....sell anything I do not need to increase my accounts margin IF the systems prove out
    5....When the accounts have grown sufficiently, move them to one account and continue to trade and improve my systems
    6....When my trading is generating enough money to live on and build the account....quit job
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    If you haven't traded your systems in real time with real money how do you know they're any good to begin with?

    Getting a fucking job or an additional job and saving some money usually works.
  8. It just doesn't make any sense to say that you have a good trading system(highly profitable i'm assuming) and have no money. It's an oxymoron so to speak......
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    Holy cow, Arthur, and here I was feeling pretty good about myself :eek:
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    shop it around to reputable trading firms (not prop shops that require deposits). my firm would back a legitimate strategy that sounds like it should work but it needs to run without human intervention.

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