What if you could use brain plasticity in trading, well You Can !!!!!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Trump Incognito, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. For a long long time I've complained about lack of intellectual ownership and leadership on ET. I've blamed the drugs the streets and the school system.
    Now the solution is upon us, ANY PERSON can use IQ enhancing drugs to attain the mental capacity necessary to solve their trading problems. Small dose of Ritalin and other focus enhancing products will bring you up to Warren Buffet level in 1 month time (except better because the poor fella doesn't day trade)
    Just think of all the trading and philosophical topics we can enjoy together. I can't wait to start conversing with THE NEW YOU :)
  2. I've used ritalin off and on for futures analysis and projection. Since then trading has become a breeze :)
  3. The only side effect is that I became YOUR GOD APOPHIS

  4. it is lonely at the top, I wish more people to join me :( :(

    sure I can throw bolts of lightning around but what good is it
  5. this thread is a joke, please don't use drugs because they do long term harm

    good night

    OR IS IT a joke, I leave it to you :cool:
  6. pathetic weak souls you people are

    no wonder the FED rules your ass :p
  7. maxpi


    I found one, been taking it for a few weeks, trading is SUCH A PIECE OF CAKE now... I'm not telling you what it is though... I'd have to kill you, and all of ET really, that's not part of my trading plan so GOOD LUCK TRYING EVERY KNOWN DRUG folks... I could sell these things for $100 a tablet and they would be cost effective for MOST OF YOU... ok, my throat is getting hoarse from yelling, the stuff is wearing off anyhow, nappie time for ole maxpi now... bye bye..
  8. I sure hope you are not serious for your sake :eek: