What if we just opened our borders?

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    ...for immigration.

    I mean, continue to screen people and vehicles for contraband but allow any non-ciriminals to immigrate or simply migrate back and forth as they pleased?

    I'm reading that the new immigration laws in Georgia are killing off the agriculture industry there.

    Alabama is going to have even bigger problems:


    I'm not saying I'm for open borders. I'm asking what others think. Immigrants are also consumers I guess.Would letting them in restart our economy or kill it?
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    Don't ever surrender, OHMSie!
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    Personally I don't care for being invaded/overrun even if it would help the economy.
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    What if we just opened our borders?

    What do you think we have now?
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    Again, I'm not saying I'm for open borders. I just wonder what would happen.
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    I may be wrong but I think we're more or less already seeing what would happen.
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    I don't agree with that opinion on what is happening in Georgia. No other country in the world supports open borders. The results would be catastrophic to the U.S. Illegal aliens are costing us billions in health care, taxes, etc. The only real solution is to seal the border and require work permits for farm workers.

    Besides, with the violence in Mexico, everyone there would move to the U.S. if there was a legal open border.

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    Take your map and a ruler.

    Now, draw a straight line from San Diego, Ca to El Paso, TX. Draw another line from El Paso, TX to Brownsville, TX.

    Now, draw a horozontal line thru the Panama Canal.

    There's your answer. Add up all those people between the lines you have drawn.

    Welcome to America!
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    lol :)

    Then we're going to have to invent machines that can harvest onions etc. Lots of onions grown around here and they are dug up by hand. That or we buy produce from Mexico or Brazil. Brazil uses many toxic insecticides that we don't allow here. Some of that stuff is probably getting into our food chain.
  10. There are other options. A tightly controlled guest worker program is one. Bring them in, send them home when they're finished. Immigration groups are dead set against that for the reason that it works and negates the argument for open immigration. You would probably have to escrow their wages to make sure they actually go home, but what's wrong with that?

    Another option would be for the growers to pay enough for the work that americans would find it worthwhile. Good luck with that. When I was a teenager, I would have been happy to get that type of work, but today's kids are way too soft and spoiled to do field work. The welfare/parasite crowd should be forced to do it or lose their benefits, but I hate to punish the farmers for our social policy failures.
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