What if this is it, What if Dollar will simply keep dropping till it becomes a joke

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    did any of you ask yourself

    what if you are seeing the D-Day right now.

    what if this is it :eek:

    If dollar is destined to devalue to hell, who's to say this isn't the D-Day in slow motion
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    you sir seem like a gentleman who knows what he is doing.

    Please elaborate, Do you believe dollar has a future 2-4 years from now
  6. Looks like your first thread got moved to chit chat, and you promptly start a new one :cool:
  7. I love the photos, these idiots predicting a Depression as the markets continue to be strong and recession is behind us.

    Lovin it, McLovin.
  8. This is just c-kid/Jasonn/Cold again.
  9. In euro's the dow is down 10% year to date?:cool:
  10. Dow down 2% in USD YTD (using YM), EUR up 1.87% vs USD YTD. Approx down -4% in EUR.
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