What if this is it, What if Dollar will simply keep dropping till it becomes a joke

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  2. Devalue against what? The AUD? The NZD??
    I see no special value in those smaller economies, yet the market thinks otherwise (uh-oh).
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    funny how you forgot the little thing called EURO, the next world currency

    sometimes I wonder if you guys are 14 year old kids.
  4. If you're scared, simply short the USD (against EUR/CAD/GBP etc.) in dollar volume matching your net worth. Voila, you're now fully insured against further drops.
  5. What will I do?
    I have a buy order around 1.41.
    As far as D-day? Maybe, but I still have to drop my car at the shop, take my son to school, cut the grass, etc etc.
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    let's face it - there are no such beautiful women in the US anymore...
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    It will carry on falling till June contract expiry.

    Everyone will then jump on the dollar crashing bandwagon and come sept contract expiry the dollar will rally and the dollar bears will be crushed.
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    picture is from the great depression
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    you sir seem like a gentleman who knows what he is doing.

    Please elaborate, Do you believe dollar has a future 2-4 years from now
  10. LOl, I left out the EURO since having a union as a reserve currency is one of the riskiest things you could implement. Forget that many EURO countries are at risk of defaulting?

    Also, at 1.4 Germany's export sector will suffer greatly (basically te backbone of the EUR).
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