what if they act more like the mafia than creditors?

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    I have heard a lot about how the creditors to the US would never do much to harm the US economically because it would be bad for their own economies.

    Well, what if they decide to (not unlike the mob) say pay up or die?

    Is it imaginible that China or someone might decide to try and break our legs if we can't pay?
  2. are you drinking ? right now
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    No but I read something (on ET I think) about the mafia being the largest business in Italy.

    So I let my mind wander a bit.

    But thanks for not answering the question, again.

    Is it completely impossible that a nation like china could slowly start speaking anti american rhetoric ?

    And then just when it reaches a climax say "and those Americans owe us $$$$$"

    "thats $$$$$$ for each citizen of China" "since they will not pay us what they owe we will go over there and get it"

    It is possible.
  4. if they sell a very small of their us currency reserves, they can send the $ on a tailspin, no need to trash talk to send a message. they have us by the balls.
    Why do you think fannie me & freddie mac were bailed, without any debate.....
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    That plays into the possiblility.

    Not that they want to hurt the USA, that they want a return on their investment.

    If the dollar tanks, what if they decide our resources are a better return?

    I admit this is silly. I am just , you know, imagining.
  6. we're in a win-win, lose-lose thing with them.
    Despite the superficial rivalry, we need them, they need us. but they're amassing reserves, we're amassing debt and once they have enough of a middle class to sustain an economy , they can dump exports and we're fucked
  7. First they will have to get past MS13, that's who controls our border to the south, and those guys don't joke around, then they have to get money out of me.... and nobody does that anymore so forgetaboutit.......
  8. we can pay them in nukes

    sending them 'air mail'
  9. There'd be a lot of people running around without thumbs.
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    We can pay our debts we just print more dollars. The U.S can't outright default.

    Plus, we are the mafia. We shakedown our neighbors and our citizens and tell them to donate some more to the cause.

    bada bing!
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