What If The Virgin Mary Really Was A Virgin...

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  1. And Jesus was really just the first test tube baby? And the 'holy grail' is actually the test tube itself?
  2. How is that possible? Personally, if a pregnant 16 year old came up to me and claimed she had never "done it"... I'd be suspect.
    I believe the proper translation suggests she was a "maiden", not a virgin and Jesus was born in a "cave".
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    dude, this happens to me all the time - all these chicks saying they are having my kid.

    they just want my money i swear!

    who do they think i am? God?
  4. As you already know, Fred, you are the man!
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    I keep telling ya Fred, you're WAY to smart and clever to buy into the lib BS. Once you grow up and get off the Cool-Aid you're going to be a great convert to the New Right. Don't laugh, just wait a few years and you'll see!
  6. what if your forefathers are the neutrinos?
    fyi, there are 3 diff types of neutrinos in the universe.
  7. ===============
    Thats actually part of a complex but funny countertrend;
    Sarah & spouse had a countertrend child in her extreme old age. Countertrend to the main trend of young /medium age child bearing.

    Funny part about it was they named the countertrend child Isaac;
    hebrew meaning laughter:D

    Gave lots new meaning to the favored proverb ;
    in all labor there is profit.

    And the bottom line,
    in the beginning God {prepared , formed, fashioned }and created ,theheavens and the earth.:cool:
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    Actually thats also part of a old,complex pattern also ;
    and if someone is a Christian or favors Israel ,this may help.

    And even those who are not Christian or havent even traveled to Israel;
    same underlying principle applies.

    Manachem Begin said [in Israel] ;
    It is a modern miracle ;
    the love of the Christian , for the jew !!!!!!! [a modern miracle].