What if the US is unable to sell treasuries?

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  1. Would the US govt come to a halt and have to issue IOUs like california instead of more dollarbills printed?

    How would this effect the markets and the average joe
  2. That will be the day the system collapses. By then...........the only thing made in the usa would be "paper dollars".
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  4. Make the interest rate high enough and they'll sell, if you could buy US govt debt yielding 6-7% right now, wouldn't you jump on it?

    Of course, that would have dire consequences for the budget...
  5. Would that mean stores would no longer take dollars?
  6. America would turn into the film trilogy "Mad Max"
  7. But then know one would invest in the ponzi, I mean stock market.
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    Some people could say that was the plan from the start, to replace private capital with public debt.
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    Introduce a 10% federal sales tax on everything and issue retirement visas to foreigners buying an empty house will solve all the US problems and they will queuing up to buy tbonds.
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