What if the US Government was run by a Hedge Fund?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nitro, Mar 4, 2011.

Should the US government be run by a highly skilled Hedge Fund?

  1. Yes. This is a radical idea and it would turn America around!

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  2. No. This would destroy people's lives and ruin the environment.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    Would this lead to better or worse government, better defined by less people in poverty, better health care, better education, etc etc?
  2. Thats like saying - what if Santa was run by his reindeer, or Snow White was run by her Seven Dwarfs....

    Most of those funds only exist at the behest of the FED.

    Its a crude metaphor because its a mixed metaphor..

    Ever read Charles Hugh Smith?
  3. nLepwa


    So the goal of the government (just like the goal of a hedge fund) would be to enrich the manager (i.e. the 'president')?

    It already exists... Look at most countries in Africa and you'll get your answer.

  4. You mean it is not?
  5. sprstpd


    The US Government's finances are already run by a one man hedge fund - Ben Bernanke. He uses no stops and he's using huge amounts of margin. It's a recipe for disaster.
  6. % true. The power of this man has to be restricted. Other central bankers around the world had to react to the idiocy Mr. Bernanke and fellow "buddies" are executing at the FED and are announcing interest rates to raise.

    It is a pure arbitrary act by Ben Bernanke and Mr. Duddley to move on with this farce called "QEII"! Creating employment ? 200.000 jobs in a 300.000.000 economy???? Is this a phu...ing joke or what?