What if Steve Jobs dies? What will happen to Apple?

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  1. I have authored several threads on how I have confirmed rumors that Steve Jobs is very sick and will not be returning to Apple. These threads have been met with different responses as if I was just making it up.

    Look, Steve Jobs might die in the near future. This man is very ill and death could come at anytime. I dont wish this upon him or anyone else, but this is the reality we are now stuck with.

    Anyone long Apple will never see their investment return to the highs when Jobs was a the helm. The only solution for longs at this point is to sell at whatever price the market commands.

    I want to turn this into a positive situation and have shorted Apple in the hopes of making a profit. I hope the best for Steve, but hope will not help him right now. He is way too sick and ill at this point. He is at the point of no return.
  2. Well, I and as I'm sure most people believe that jobs IS apple. He is the innovation, the brains behind the operation. Without him aapl's best days are behind them IMO. Could be wrong but I'm sure investors will be selling like mad if Jobs kicks the bucket.
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  4. Another wild selloff on high volume of the aapl common stock. I believe Steve might be dead within a few months. I can only imagine Apple falling much further from here. The only way to invest in Apple is to buy puts or short the common.
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    If you are buying puts according to " your system " you want to sell in the other thread you should get very very rich.
  6. let the drama unfold its all BS steve jobs ISNT apple.. itll tank by it at lower price get a good deal they have alot of good stuff commin out

    once people realize apple will be fine without him... no one man is the reason for a whole company

    apple prowess comes from its innovations from its research and development teams and they have someone great replacing him

    its actually time someone new turned in apple ... new people brings new ideas may suck but hey may rock
  7. There can only be one Steve.
  8. The apple fanatics won't die with him. They will prop up the stock like no tomorrow.
  9. The last time Steve departed Apple look how the company did.
  10. Apple is not innovative and it's R&D is not more capable than any other major IT business. Apple's strategy is to market technology like fashion and they NEED STEVE for that reason. Steve makes shit smeel like parfume and Garbage look like a masterpiece.
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