What if someone posts a viral infected pic on ET?

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  1. Everyone sees it and everyone gets infected. Can a pic have a viral infection?
  2. Good question, not sure I use avast and it catches everything right away, with a big funny nuclear reactor warning sign! If I download I scan first before opening.
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  4. Go here and search for "virus" in the page...


    Answer: not very probable since ET accepts only specific graphic file types, none of which carry, or at least are not known to carry executable code.
  5. jtnet


    gif , jpg, bmp cant have virus's in them, nor can emails.

    emails with xml java exe, attatchments can though..
  6. I believe some image types (eg bmp) used to be able cause buffer overflows inside old versions IE which allowed viral code to be run. If you are running a unpatched web brower you may be still able to catch a virus from an image file.
  7. Huh? Cryptic jokes on ET, ok :confused:
  8. That's a problem with the viewing application, not the graphic file itself. And in order to exploit a buffer overrun, some sort of executable code able to explicitly access an exact memory location must execute/run.
  9. The internet is a series of tubes.
    It is not a dump truck.
  10. A while back some threads were infected with a trojan virus. This happened to me when I was reading a journal thread & Mcafee displayed a message about a trojan virus being blocked. I think it was in the ad which displayed on the thread page. I remember at least twice this happened & people would post a thread named "do not open thread" with the name of the thread.

    Probably this issue has been resolved.
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