What if obama resides over a large bull market?

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  1. If the markets go up up up and people get healthcare coverage as well. How will this hurt the GOP with Palin as the head leader?
  2. that is the republicans greatest fear.
  3. Study Econ101 and then answer your own question.
  4. Depends what kind of bull market. Most likely to be the "money-pump inflation, currency debasement" kind... that's bad news for all of us.
  5. Alvin


    looking good so far
  6. the bond market isnt seeing it. if the bond market was worried about hyper inflation it would not be buying us paper at such low rates.
  7. If the stock market is doing so well why would anyone be buying Gold?
  8. A bull market will not have any effect one way or the other. It simply does not matter. The deciding factor of the economy is not the stock market, but jobs. If the unemployment rate in 2010 or 2012 is above 10% the dems are going to be in deep trouble no matter what. I do not understand why left-wingers like vhehn, floydlandis, and Pubix cannot comprehend this.
  9. what is deep trouble? while it is common for the party in power to lose seats in a midterm election the math just isnt there for the republicans to gain control of either the house or senate.
  10. Dude, Obama and the Bolsheviks who control Congress can't get anything through with 100% control of Congress what happens when their margins tighten up?

    What math is not there by the way? The last time I checked there were 435 members in the House and in 2010 there will be 435 members up for re-election. By that math its possible to have 100% turn around. What math are you talking about?

    Its alright though. Just keep telling yourself its okay, and it will be. When the tea parties happen, just tell yourself its okay and those people don't count. When they go to Washington, just keep telling yourself its okay. When they expose the left-wing lies at townhalls, just tell yourself it doesn't matter. Everything is fine Vhehn, don't worry, Obama is not a screw up, he's really not. Just keep telling yourself that and ignore all facts and reason. Everything is rosy, the Republicans are only a regional party and are of no threat to your heros Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.
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