what if jesus really did assend into the sky....

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  1. "if Jesus were caught up at the speed of light -- 186,000 miles per second -- with what we know today about the vastness of our galaxy -- Jesus would still be traveling today just to reach the outer limits of the Milky Way! Furthermore, there are billions and billions of galaxies!"Carl Sagan

    do christians ever really think about these facts and ask themselves "how is that possible"?
    what is wrong with admitting that the men who wrote the bible were clueless about how the world works and just let science and evidence be your guide?
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    1. or you can realize God is outside of time.
    2. we do not even begin to comprehend reality as human beings.

    For all you know string theory could be correct and Jesus sliced into our timeline like a higher dimension membrane.
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  4. so your answer is to make up nonsense to rationalize things in the bible that make no sense?
    you have been the resident bible thumper on et for a long time. have you ever been able to bring yourself to admit even one thing in the bible is false?
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    where have I been thumping the bible.
    I have been arguing science.

    1. there is no proof lived evolved from non life.
    2. our universe appears very fine tuned to top scientists.

    Where do I tell you, you have to believe the bible.

    I just correct you when you are full of shit.
    Your argument about the speed of light is silly.
  6. where but from the bible did you and others like you get the concept of an invisible man in the sky who made the earth and watches over you? where but from the bible did you get the concept of drinking grape juice and eating a cracker on sunday as a religious ritual concerning blood sacrifice?
  7. I think that behind every atheist is a seething anger and resentment towards God. The unanswered prayer drives them over the edge, as if they should be exempt from life's pain and suffering. You can see it in the poetry of atheists like Philip Appleman. I watched him on Bill Moyers last night and the contempt was just flowing out of him. Anyone who writes like this is a zealot, a religous zealot. It's why you can't have a rational conversation with them anymore than you can have one with the fire and brimstone types. Their anti-religion religion has them convinced, and those that are convinced on this subject are different sides of the same coin. Forever connected, but unable to see anything but their own side of things.

    The following portion of "Gertrude," is dedicated to his mother:

    I wish that all the people

    who peddle God

    could watch my mother die:

    could see the shin and

    gristle weighing only

    seventy-nine, every stubborn

    pound of flesh a small


    I wish the people who peddle God

    could see her young,

    lovely in gardens and

    beautiful in kitchens, and could


    the hand of God slowly

    twisting her knees and fingers

    till they gnarled and knotted,

    settling in

    for thirty years of pain....
  8. a thinking person might wonder how there could be seething anger and resentment against something that does not exist?
    a true nonbeliever, one who has come to that disbelief through reflection and a through study of the evidence knows that is impossible. have you shown your true mindset. are there still traces of your childhood indoctrination showing through?
  9. I had no childhood indoctrination. I was not brought up in any type of organized religion, as I have stated here before, lost what little belief I had in a God at the age of 10, and had little use for God or those that followed that line of thinking until the age of 33, when quite serendipitously I was shown a spiritual path which has been enlightening and ever changing.
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    1. I don't tell you you have to believe the bible... I do tell you science says our universe appears fine tuned.... obviously a Tuner is one possible explanation. If Tuner--- then obvious Tuner would be outside his her its creation. Time and light began after the big bang.... as far as we know. You seem to confuse science and theory with the bible.

    2. where did I tell you, you had to believe in transubstantiation. That is obviously and article of faith.
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