What if I told you, you are giving 8 million a day to a bad golddigger wife

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  1. Would you believe it?

    8 million a day goes to Israel, and you ought to be pleased because they could just as easily demand 16 million a day.

  2. Most major economies have a foreign aid budget. $8000/day on a 40 billion/day USA GDP is miniscule. That's a pretty tiny price to pay for some politcal authority in Israel.
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  4. Banking industry, Jewish folk. Think about it why do we pander to a small sliver of a country with no resources or productive assets/factories.
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    Hey Cold, how have you been?
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    So why not give aid to say Poland, Italy, Greece, Hong Kong?
    Israel is not a developing country, the US doesn't give so much aid to any other developed country. It said 8 million a day, not 8 thousand a day, btw. 8 million a day for a country burdened by debt is not pennies.
  7. Population of Israel is about 8 million. And same people who make your argument also make an argument that Israel is self sufficient sovereign country.

    So why do they need our leg to stand on and how long will this one way relationship last?

    till we run out of money?
  8. Couldn't have said better myself
  9. Israel is our best ally ever and will help to destroy the Iranian enemy.

    We are not giving Israel enough $$.
  10. THEHITMAN:We are not giving Israel enough $$.

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