What if I signed up at forex.com before finding out about TradeBolt?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Player, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Question is in the title lol. Just wondering if I am qualified for the free TradeBolt or if i have to pay.. Thank you.
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    If you have an existing forex.com account, you will need to have it rebranded as a TradeBolt account. Please follow the directions here.

    What that page will tell you is that you need to download and print a pdf file, and FAX it to Gain. The FAX number is provided on that page.

    And, you are quite correct, there is still no TradeBolt fee associated with using a forex.com account.

    Have you been trading forex long?

  3. Player


    Only about a year, and rougly 3 months live, but I've already seen the loosing end of things, and I'm not going back :cool:

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    I'll fill out/fax the form by Monday at the latest. How long after I complete the necessary requirments will it be before I can access the Tradebolt platform?
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    It typically takes a few hours for Gain to process the form. I would suggest waiting 24 hours and then contacting Gain to confirm that it has been rebranded successfully.

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    Player -

    Interesting comment. Please clarify. Loosing end of what?

  7. Player


    Forex :p