What if hekla/katla erupted too?

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  1. I saw an article that said this one erupted too. Did this one really erupt or is this just some sort of joke?

    In any case, the articles I've seen seem to think it would impace Euro agriculture at least and perhaps North American ag. Any thoughts?
  2. They will print money to offset the economic reality.

    Many Euro airlines are already lobbying for a bail out.

    Buy stocks!
  3. 70 Earthquakes in 2010

    California (ChattahBox) – Scientists are currently trying to explain the serious increase in seismic activity in the state of California.

    While the area has been fairly dormant in recent years, the sudden increase in activity has alarmed scientists, who are hard pressed to explain the change.

    Since the beginning of 2010 there have been 70 quakes over a 4.0 magnitude. That is 40 more than there were in the whole of 2009, and it is only April.

    The sudden drastic boost in number is due to an increase in seismic waves in the region, though experts are not sure what has caused it.

    So far, they believe it might just be the activity picking up after a time of lying dormant, entering a new round of quakes that will become increasingly common.

    Scientists say that smaller ones will happen more frequently, but larger earthquakes are sure to be seen more regularly as well.

    “We would like to be able to explain it,” Caltech seismologist Kate Hutton said. “But there’s no real correlation with any cause.”

  4. Millions will die of hunger.

    I rather dont even consider it a topic for discussion

  5. 2012 !!!!! :eek:
  6. Only buy puts & calls. They are going one way or the other, thats for sure.