What if eSignal could read XPO ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GeorgeSoros, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. I think that if eSignal 8.x could read Tradestation XPO format, we could use our old tick database with their new backtesting engine.

    It could also solve a bit the problem of the very short intraday history eSignal gives us, as we would be able to buy tick data from data resellers, convert it from txt to xpo via, for example HistoryCenter and then use it either in eSignal or in Tradestation 2000i...

    I open this thread about this idea, maybe if people are interested and post their comments, eSignal will raise the priority of this feature.
  2. maxpi


    I'm still using Tradestation 2000. Esignal could pick up a lot of business if they followed your suggestion, also they could get half of quote.com's business if they expanded their intraday history.

  3. why not just let your quote provide have historical tick data made available to you? it seems feasible with today's fast internet pipes
  4. Because we are talking about 6 years of tick data on ES #F for example (my database)...That would be far too slow to retrieve this database from internet just for a backtesting(!!)