What If Cramers Dividend Plays Cut Their Dividends?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. dsq


    HE says playing high yield stocks is a safe strategy but gm,bac,c and many others have cut their dividend.But lets say stuff like CAT,T,DD are affected by the recession?Wonder how much earnings shrinkage it will take for them to cut their divi's.

    Ive been playing hi yield stocks only for 2 yrs.Long before cramer started yapping...
  2. all dividends will probably be cut in half by the time this is all through, if you are lucky.
  3. Cramer is an idiot. I've made a lot of money by fading him.
  4. BAC cut their divs in haft but it's still yielding near 7%, they'll eventually bring their divs back to normal then it'll be 14%.
  5. There is a strategy to play such stocks with zero capital risk, and uncapped reward. (and it involves shorting them!)

    Those who have been doing it know what I mean. Most likely when reading what I just wrote, they will just smile, and say something like "I am not alone in my knowledge of this trick".

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    It is not if, it is when.